Sunday, September 9, 2012

US Magazine September 2012

Those of you who have read my other posts about the links know that when I first bought them a year and a half ago I could not give them away. They have been selling so well these last 6 months that I have been ordering more and more of them. I now have about 50* different colors/shapes/sizes for sale in my etsy shop Willow Branch Beads.
Last weekend my step mom was flipping through the latest US Magazine and what did she find? On page 131 in the fall styles for under $100 a chunky acrylic link bracelet. She showed me and I was SO HAPPY about it. Thrilled really! I couldn't wait to shout this out to anyone who would listen! I AM SHOUTING!

Anyways, if you do not want to buy the supplies to make your own, you can buy ready to wear bracelets from my etsy shop PeggyMade. OR you can visit one of my favorite etsy shops CocoNoire. Deb is the ower of CocoNoire and I look forward to her weekly purchases (3 last week actually)! Here is a shout out to Deb, customer of the year! Deb adds a little something extra to her bracelets CHECK IT OUT!

**Right now I have 22 different links for sale at my etsy shop. I had a shipment of 30 more different ones last week and I have another shipment coming tomorrow. All will be listed by the end of this week.

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Deb Wilson said...

Thanks Peggy for the shop shoutout! I really appreciate it and the great customer service and products that you provide!!!!!