Thursday, July 5, 2012

Blogging Link Challenge

The Challenge:
Create a piece (or pieces) of jewelry using the links provided. Use at least one other component.
First of all you have to become a follower of my blog. Then you will need to email me at with your name, mailing address and blog information by July 22nd, 2012. If you are one of the first 20 people to email me I will send you 25 links. You will have 3 weeks to create a masterpiece with the links. As soon as you are completed, you will need to email me a picture of your project along with your name and blog information. You will need to send me this information by August 15th, 2012 or any time before that (so I don’t go nuts on the 16th). August 17th, 2012 will be the reveal day. On that day you will need to blog about the challenge, your experience with the links and show a picture of your project. I will be posting pictures of all of the projects on my blog that day as well. Direct your friends to my page so they can vote for you and on August 27th the blogger with the most votes will win a $20.00 gift card to my etsy shop WillowBranchBeads.
The Fine Print:
If you do not complete the challenge you will not be able to participate in any future challenges that I host. I will be sending out different links to different people, this will be completely random.
The Story:
So a year ago I ordered a TON of acrylic links to sell at a bead show that I was having. When they arrived I was teased so badly by my fellow beaders "who would want to buy those?" "what are those?" "why did you buy those?" etcetera. Anyways, they did not sell well at the show or at the bead shop so I took them home and packed away they went.
I stumbled upon them last April and even though nobody else liked them I still did and decided to list them in my etsy shop. Within a few days I sold my first lot and within a few months they were all gone. Now I sell many different types of links at my etsy shop and they are my hottest item.
I have a handful of buyers who make jewelry with the links then sell the jewelry they make on etsy. I can’t believe how successful they have been! I always look forward to seeing what people will make with the links now. Usually people just link them together and sell them as is. I would really like to see them used with other materials.
Now you know how I came up with the idea. I hope you enjoy the challenge!


Kashmira said...

Yayy! I just saw this...sent you my info for participating!

Terri said...

This sounds like a fun Challenge!!

Charming Peggy said...

I have room for 5 more people. As soon as everyone is signed up I will send out the links. I am going to send the internation challengers their links a few days in advance so everyone can start at the same time.

Charming Peggy said...

I have all 20 challengers signed up. Yah!

Charming Peggy said...
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