Sunday, May 13, 2012

Button Swap Blog Hop REVEAL!

The day has come! Hurrah!
This is the first time I have ever participated in a blog swap hop and I could not be more excited!
Back in March I signed up to be a participant in the Button Swap Blog Hop by Cindy Wimmer of Sweet Bead Studio. A few days later I was partnered with Michelle Hardy of Firefly Visions and my hunt for buttons began. Michelle and I swapped our buttons and I was so happy with the ones she sent me.
There were so many great buttons that I had a hard time choosing which ones I wanted to work with. My favorite buttons were the little glass shank buttons with the mushrooms on them but I did not get around to using those ones (yet).

This is what I made for the reveal. I used the Lansing buttons on the card.

I had to surround my new bracelet with shells because my partner kept referring to herself as "Shell" in out emails.
I love the peyote stitch and I really like simple designs. My biggest concern about using buttons was that they would flip flop all over the place. I came up with a design where I used the shank on the button instead of a bead in the pattern. It worked great, no flipping all over the place. I like this bracelet so much that I think I am going to teach this pattern in one of my fall classes. I came up with the design all on my own and I am real happy with it (I am sure that someone somewhere has thought of this before me..blah..blah..blah..).

Here is a picture of me wearing the bracelet.
I did get to play with the other buttons as well. I have a major problem with editing sometime, I always want my jewelry to be so colorful that it just ends up tacky and over done. Here is an example of what I mean.
I was thinking that I would make a rainbow bracelet and started bezeling the buttons. I spent so much time playing with colors that I did not want to pitch the idea. Finally I decided that I really did not like how this bracelet was looking and gave up. I am going to take this apart and start over. I will most likely still bezel the buttons but I am thinking that I will choose just one color instead of the rainbow idea.

I had a lot of fun working with buttons and I can't wait to see what everyone else did. As soon as my Mother's Day dinner with the boys is over I am going to come home, relax and look at everyone else's projects!
Oh and if you would like to see what Michelle "Shell" Hardy made with the buttons that I sent her just visit her blog at

Kim Roberts and Partner unable to participate at this time.
* Pam Ferarri and Stefanie Teufel (will share their reveal on a later date)
* Stefanie Teufel and Pam Ferarri (will share their reveal on a later date)
Oh and check out my cute little guy! He made a book for me this Mother's Day. He came up with "The Hill of Hearts" all by himself.
Best gift ever, I love you Jimmy!


Firefly Visions said...

I love the first bracelet! I never would have thought to use the buttons that way (of course that may be because I don't know how to do a peyote stitch lol). I can't wait to see what you do with the rest. The mushroom buttons were my favorites too :)

tappingflamingo said...

What a beautiful way to use those buttons. Love the bracelet. I can't wait to see what you wind up doing with the other buttons.

Sandi Volpe said...

I love your bracelet and it is great that you creatively solved the button flopping issue, I had to do this with my pendant button.

BahamaDawn said...

you chose a great way to use the buttons! beautiful work!

Pretty Things said...

I love the moonglow buttons!

CraftyHope said...

That finished bracelet is really lovely! You should definitely teach it. I like how the buttons all line up so perfectly along your wrist. Sublime!

brenda Salzano said...

Your bracelet turned out so awesome! I love how flat it lies, and your beading is elegant. I am in awe! ;-)

Charming Peggy said...

Uff da! I am still not done visiting all of the blogs. Agh, I am glad that this swap did not get much bigger than this or it would take me FOR-EV-ER! This was my first swap ever and I am really looking forward to doing more swaps in the future. This was so much fun. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by to see my bracelet. Next time I will really jazz it up now that I have seen what other people are doing.

AntiquityTravelers said...

first, how cute is he?! I love the bracelet! that is always my concern is that the button will flip-flop around, but looks like you have a great pattern, and a very pretty bracelet! ... and love the Uff da! I'm using my Sisu to power through these!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Oh wow me likey...heehee...that is one rocking bracelet!!Love your sons card...precious!!Cat

Cindy said...

Peggy, your little guy is so sweet holding his card! You'll treasure that card and photo forever!

I am absolutely amazed at your button swap creation! I have no idea how to do beadwork and I am always in awe when I see projects like this - and what makes it even better is that it is your own design. It is gorgeous. And I'm happy to hear that it has inspired you to offer it as a class....I'd sign up if I lived close by!
And those rainbow-colored bezeled buttons are fabulous are so creative, Peggy!! I'm glad you enjoyed your first swap & I hope you'll join us again next year!

Karen Mitchell said...

Love your bracelet, so delicate and elegant. Shanked buttons can be quite challenging!

Julia said...

Wow-- the soon-to-be-not-a-rainbow project is cute-- but the one that you finished is stunning!!! I love the combination of the color you chose for the seed beads, and the buttons, nice contrast.

Thanks for sharing with all of us-- you've definitely given me some inspiration for my next button project :)

*~* Julia *~* *~*

Shanti Johnson said...

Amazing bracelet! Those buttons you took to outer space! I can't wait to see what u do w the other ones! They look yummmmmmmmy!!!!! Omgosh what talent!